Hey lady, It's time isn't it?
Time to become bffs with your vagina again. 

Your vagina is a part of you - it’s healthy and ok to have a relationship with her.

She is the seat of your power.

Are you shunning her, ignoring her, frustrated with her?

Then you are shunning and ignoring your power. Whoa right?

I've been there. In fact. I'm there right now. One year after baby and I'm not quite feeling myself and neither is my VJJ. We are out of sync, we are not talking to each other and my sex life and day to day are suffering as a result. I've been getting the quiet whisper - it's time. Time to say hello. Time to get back into dialogue. Time to heal some pain, grieve my old self, step into my new self, accept change and work with allll the feels.
Are you there too? 

Consider joining me for

The Happy V Happy Me Coaching Intensive

30 days to go from frenemy to bffs with your vagina and transform your life in and out of the bedroom

Did your libido go missing?

Let’s wake her up and reacquaint you. Wake up your desire for pleasure, your desire for sex, your desire for your partner. Let's also wake up your vitality and zest for life. 

Are you bored with your orgasm or not sure you are having them?

Expand how you experience pleasure in your body and redefine what orgasm means to you. In life we can redefine your relationship with pleasure of all kinds so you can superboost your vitaliy and vivaciousness. 

Are negative messages and exeperiences holding you back?

Heal sexual blocks, release old wounds  negative beliefs that are limiting your pleasure. Let go of past hurts. See yourself in a new way. Reconnect with your sassy inner sex pot and shine a little brighter and walk a little lighter. 

Not sure what feels good anymore or how to ask for what you want?

Get clear on what feels good to you and how to listen to your body so you can share your needs with more confidence. Get better at listening to yourself and your needs and more confident asking for what you need at work, in your relationship, as a parent, you name it. 

What you get

Weekly video lessons

Four mini lessons to focus your energy and master the techniques for breakthrough results

Weekly group coaching calls

Bring your questions, niggling brain gremlins, fears, worries and wins to weekly group coaching calls.

Private Facebook Group

Daily access to me, weekly prompts, a space to share your triumphs and challenges and cheer each other on.

Direct access to me

Pay in full - get 24/7 access to me via Voxer or FB messenger for private support.

Unique to you recommendations and resources

At sign up you'll fill out an intake questionanaire and I'll send unique-to-you resources and prompts to use throughout the program

30 days of accountability and support

30 days of no bs support. I'm here to help you get past your blocks, and take action so you can get breakthrough results. I'll be doing my work work right alongside you.

It all starts August 13

Pay in full for $295 

Pay in full and get bonus one-one-one acccess to me. Send me a DM or Voxer message anytime and I'll get ya back with inspiration, encouragement and support targeted for you.

Need a payment plan?

Two installaments of $175 One before we get started and one mid-program. Get in touch and I can set up you. Hit me up at Sofia@thehappyvaginaproject.com 

Ready to go? It's just two easy steps.

1) Click the PAY NOW button to use Paypal to pay in full today and reserve your spot now. You'll then to Redirected to
2) Fill out our Sign up Form with your name and contact info and click SUBMIT to register for the program.

Frequently Asked Questions


No worries. Everything is challenge by choice. You can opt to simply observe/ listen during our coaching calls if you prefer. I promise you'll quickly see how powerful it is to be witnessed by others in a safe and secure space. 

If group work is not your thing that's cool too - just hit me up at sofia@thehappyvaginaproject.com and we can work together privately. 


The weekly coaching calls will be Tuesdays at 7PM PST. They will last an hour and will be on Facebook Live in our Facebook group or by ZOOM. Once the group launches I may consult with everyone to find the best time and format for those who signe dup. All group coaching calls will be recorded and you will get the replay and you can submit questions early if you aren't able to attend.  Do note you will get so much more out of the program if you attend our coaching calls live. 

  • An email inbox I can send weekly lessons to
  • A facebook account so you can join our Private group for weekly support and encouragement and our weekly live coaching calls
  • Facebook, Email or Voxer for your paid in full bonus
    That's it

There are no refunds for cancellation as there are limited spots in the program. However, we do want to make sure you are a happy customer.  You can contact us anytime if the program is not working for you and we can discuss applying your payment to a different service or product.